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2012-02-12 11:22 am

update 001

clichebang : signups close the 15th of February
kpopvalentines : signups are over, but you can still fill & claim requests!
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2012-02-12 10:33 am
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welcome to finalises

Hey, welcome to finalises, a kpop goings-on community newsletter. This will mostly link to communities where contests, events, and other noteworthy things are happening. There will be common updates on new events in the kpop fandom (weekly, more frequently, or forfeited for the monthly), and on the first of each month there will be a newsletter rounding up the entire month's happenings.

If you'd like, you may submit "notable fanfiction/fanworks" in the newsletter previous. For the first newsletter, no submissions will be allowed. More about this will be in the actual newsletter.

I'm also anticipating a few contests in this community, so look forward to that as well!

Please PM me if you have any notifications for me about all the kpop groups. Of course I don't follow all of them, so please help me on that aspect! xD I would also greatly appreciate it if one or two people PMed me about becoming a moderator. I'm obviously not a huge follower of all the groups, so any help from one~two more moderators would be great.

selcri ♥